Real Action Men field tests the Real Action Marker

As part of its initial promotional efforts of the RAM in the Philippines, ATACS Advanced Tactical Training Services recently invited the officers of the Regional Special Action Unit (RSAU) to include the new Mark V RAMs in one of their field training exercises (FTX). Their reaction was spectacular…

The Regional Special Action Unit (RSAU) of the Philippine National Police is part of the training force that provides SWAT instruction for most SWAT teams in the country. Among their members are highly trained officers that have received schooling in counter-terrorism and urban warfare in the US.


During their FTX, the RSAU replicated a sniper-initiated assault on a four-storey tower, complete with designated rappel, ladder and entry-assault teams. Members of the RSAU designated as “hostage-taking terrorists” began exchanging fire with the assault force, adding to the realism of the simulation. After the shootout, the RSAU assault force rescued the hostage, “killed” three terrorists and captured one without a single loss on their part.


“The Real Action Marker of ATACS is a very realistic tool for tactical training and a must for law enforcers to experience, to enhance and to prove the effectiveness of their tactics,” stated Maj. Rex Malimban, Chief 3rd Coy, RSAU, a dynamic commendation for the recent entry of the RAM in the Philippines.


ATACS is also hard at work in providing live-fire demonstrations for elements of the Makati SWAT, the Philippine Airport Police and the Philippine Marines in the coming weeks.


“It is very important to remember that aside from being a realistic replica paintball gun, the RAM is an effective and cost-efficient alternative for tactical simmunitions training,” stated Jasper Briones, Managing Director for ATACS Advanced Tactical Training Services. “We believe in the potential of the RAM and we trust in the products of our partner APS Paintball Ltd.



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