APS Recruiting:
The Best RAG Video

As video filming is getting more popular, handycam has become part of the gear and "a must" to pack when you are going to your game day. Now, APS is seeking all the RAG video around the world during next two months and you are invited to send your RAG video to us.


In October, you can come back to our website to vote for the best RAG video of your choice. Result will be posted on our website in November.


Of course there are rewards for the winning videos and lucky voters. The three lucky voters who voted for the best video will be rewarded with a RAM50 each. In addition, the best video owner will be rewarded with 6 packages of our upcoming new RAM Combat.


If you are ready, please post your video on the video share website and send us the link along with the following to enter:
video owner name, team name, video name, address (country) and email address to


Candidates of The Best RAG Video
- (there will be more videos later)
- (voting will start October 1, 2007 and please come back)
Owner: Campbell Hardey
Team: Whiskey
Location: New Zealand
Owner: Leon Thomas
Team: n/a
Location: New Zealand
Owner: Andrew Tang
Team: n/a
Location: Hong Kong
Owner: Troy Pahi (T-Dog)
Team: Scenario Training Assault Group, STAGS
Location: New Zealand




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