Introduce of APS Training consultant

Mr. Bobby Schneider


APS is proud to announce the hiring of Mr. Bob Schneider as our training consultant. Mr. Schneider has experience with APS and Real Action Marker Produces. He just left as our USA Branch office President after two years and is now pursuing a career as a full tim e trainer under his own company, JDS TACTICAL, Inc.


Bob is a retired Denver , Colorado USA police officer where he spent most of his career as a member of the SWAT team and firearms trainer. When Bob retired he went to work for Heckler and Koch (HK). He worked as a trainer and salesman. Bob left HK as the Manager of Training.


Mr. Schneider is a certified firearms and less-lethal weapons instructor and has taught classes to U.S. federal, state and local law enforcement officers as well as to U.S. and foreign military units here and overseas. He has been a Gunsite Instructor since 1991 and is a qualified Rangemaster for pistol, shotgun, carbine and submachine gun.


Mr. Schneider feels scenario based training is the most valuable training for law enforcement and military personnel. Students are placed in realistic scenarios while maintaining a high level of safety. The use of Real Action Markers in this type of training is a great advantage. The markers are very realistic, easy to use, safe and economical.


In the near future, APS and Bob Schneider will be promoting a series of training courses using Real Action Markers.




APS Paintball Limited