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JDS Tactical, Inc.
Training Announcement
Simulation Instructor and Armorer Certification
for Real Action Marker

2007 Dates: May 8-10, July 10-12, Oct. 16-18, Dec. 11-13
Location: 7770 E. Iliff Ave Ste. G , Denver, CO 80231
Duration: 3 days / 24 hours Tuition: $395.00
Registration: Contact Michelle at 720-747-7782 or e-mail:

Download the application form and course detail


Course Description:
The purpose of the training class is to expose the student to the proper use of Real
Action Markers in force-on-force training. The goal of the course is to provide the
student with all of the information necessary to conduct safe simulation training. The
Armorer’s course will provide the student with all the necessary information to
conduct repairs and trouble shooting for the RAM 1R, and other markers.


Course Content:
· Why Force-on-Force Training is important
· Principles of Force-on-Force Training
· Safety Requirement for Real Action Markers
· Designing Scenarios
· Conducting and Controlling Scenarios
· Debriefing Students
· Maintenance and Trouble Shooting for the Real Action Markers
· Pressure Testing and Interpretation of the air system
· Core Removal and Installation
· Barrel Adjustment and Head Spacing
· Tools and Gauges are Provide