Introduction of APS Limited

APS Limited is a worldwide supplier for military training and Real Action Game equipment. APS's products are tailored for military and law enforcement requests and their equipment. Beside military and law enforcement, our customers also include paintball retailers and fields. We insist to provide the best quality products and services to our customers.

Since APS's founder, Mr. Lee Chi Keung (Frog), has the shares of owning Qian Wei Paintball Support Limited partially, APS becomes the member of our factory - Qian Wei Paintball Support Limited which already has been established and manufactures Real Action Game equipments over 10 years since 1993. Between, APS operates as a Sales Department in order to promote and sell Real Action Game equipments for worldwide.

In the future, APS will continue to develop and promote our RAM (Real Action Marker®) to the world. We are sure our products can give our customers a complete training for military and law enforcement as well as a better game for our paintball players.

We hope our efforts plus your supports will bring the paintball equipment to a different area and also paintball sport to a higher level.

If you have any question regarding our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.