Qian Wei Paintball Support Co. Ltd.

As worldwide supplier for the Real Action Game Equipment, APS is a unique and original paintball marker manufacturer where located at Hong Kong – China. APS act as a Sales Department of the factory named "Qian Wei Paintball Support Co. Ltd" (QW) which already has been established over 10 years since 1993. Previously productions of typical paintball gun (0.68cal), currently mainly on the production of the Real Action Marker™ – RAM (0.43cal) and the business cover many countries since 2001.

We are the licensed factory to manufacturing Paintball Guns (0.68cal / 0.43cal) and Replica Guns in China; we are also licensed to supply and export the mentioned products legally. Moreover, we made products through the scientific procedures. We do believe you are looking for a well knowledge and equipped factory to manufacture product for you. Now APS Limited would like to provide OEM production and service to you!

Originally, an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) was a company that supplied equipment to other companies to resell or incorporate into another product using the reseller’s brand name. We provide "ALL-IN-ONE" OEM production and service. "ALL-IN-ONE" means the production, the installation or assembly and exportation of your brand product will be done at the same place FOB Jiang Men in CHINA . Our "ALL-IN-ONE" has several advantages:

Cost minimization
as your product will finish in one site only. It will decrease the cost of transportation, human resource and time.
Production under scientific procedure
we have an assembly plant, which facilities and machines are advanced and have the best management and quality control.
Quick, qualitative and quantitive
client only provides the mold of their product. We will produce your required quantity with the best quality quickly.
Licensed manufactory
We are licensed to produce and export paintball markers or parts and accessories for paintball markers in China and Hong Kong. We can legally export those products from Hong Kong or Mainland China.
Value-added production
we also provide value-added production and installation of your product.
Directly delivery or export
we can export your brand new product directly from Mainland China or through Hong Kong port.

APS is authorized and on behalf the factory (QW) to answer your kindly inquires for the OEM production matters, please do feel free to contact us or fax (852) 2409-9632 or phone (852) 2409-4466 for further information, we will reply at once and happy to provide any assistance.