Law Enforcement

Real Action Marker™ in Law Enforcement

Real Action Marker™ ("RAM") systems provide real world training at a reasonable price. Scenario based training has been recognized as the most valuable and often least practiced training in law enforcement today. The best scenario based training places the officer in as realistic an environment as is practical, while maintaining the greatest possible safety. In order to provide this level of training, a force on force tool is required. That tool needs to be realistic, practical, easy to use, and in this day and age of tight budgets, reasonably priced. RAM products are all of this and more.

The RAM product line includes exacting replicas of the three most popular weapons systems in use by law enforcement today. Each system provides a means for the officer to safely deploy a weapons system that is incredibly similar to their actual deployment weapon. This provides a means for realistic and practical scenario based training, utilizing force on force, in a safe and cost effective way.




It provides a simple and cost effective way to provide realistic simulation training. Each system has approximately the same weight as the similar live fire system. The operating controls are all the same. Accessories can be mounted that provide the same optics or other controls that may be used by an operator. As is the case with many tactical weapons systems, they are fully automatic. At appropriate training distances these systems are surprisingly accurate and allow the officer to perform similarly to how they would in a real life situation. There is little effect based on the temperature or other environmental conditions, and they can be tuned if necessary to take any such consideration into account. They sound like the real thing, yet are not damaging to hearing. In total, RAM systems provide the user with a realistic training tool, at a reasonable price, and imparts as real a training environment as is safely possible.


Ease of Use


The RAM systems are simple, and easy to use in the simulation training environment. The canisters can be easily filled either at any local paintball store, or for intensive training they can be filled easily on sight. The systems can be “tuned” by trained armorers to perform as required for the specific area, and training environment. Free training seminars are provided for those departments that purchase and utilize this system certifying them as armorers, and as trainers in the use of this system. There are many accessories available for each weapon system, and all can be easily installed, and used. Each system can be virtually tailored to the primary weapons system used by the department. These systems can be put into practice with little effort, and with little cost in training. There is no expensive training class needed to be an instructor, and there is no NEED for recurring training to maintain your ability to use the system. It is one of the easiest systems to use on the market today.




The RAM systems are stand-alone marking systems that do not require conversion. Since the system is a marking cartridge/ paintball system, it is not possible to either load, or fire anything lethal from this marker. The magazines used in the RAM system will NOT fit into the live fire system, and the reverse is true as well. In the last few years, officers have been injured and killed during the implementation of force on force training. By providing the ability for a trainer to completely outfit his officers with marking systems, with no need for conversion, it is possible to gain greater control over the training environment, and insure the safety of the officers, and role players. The projectiles used are traveling at velocities that will not likely injure. Even at very close range it is not possible for the projectile to cause serious injury. At typical training distances even breaking the skin is not likely. Officers can train with less protective equipment, adding to the realism of the training, without risking injury.




In this day and age, cost is always a concern. The RAM systems are about half the price of similar systems on the market today. The cost of the ammunition used is about 1/5th the price of the other systems. Since they are truly marking systems, and not firearms, there are none of the issues associated with firearms to contend with. There is no need to “convert” a live firing weapon for use in force on force training. The rifle and sub-gun systems are fully automatic, yet require no Federal paperwork. There is no need to maintain a separate inventory of guns, that you need for training. You can equip a SWAT team with primary and secondary weapons systems for about half the cost of many systems, and since the projectile cost is about .08 cents per round, you can train more often, and with more realism.