P.Ball ®

The new Perfect PowderBall introduces the future of Paintball Sports.

Ever since the advent of paintball, the quest for the perfect marking projectile has been a continuous endeavor for manufacturers and paintball players alike for many years. By its very nature the traditional paintball has been limited not only by the materials used to make it, but also its vulnerability to the elements.


Persistent storage problems, as well as inconsistent performance in the field has led some to experiment on making the one perfect projectile that will revolutionize the game while retaining its most important feature – its marking capability.


One company, however, departed entirely from developing newer formulation for the paintball design and delved into a wholly new approach – switching paint for powder. The result is a perfect projectile that is no longer limited by the usual and limitations characteristics of paintball.


Dubbed the “perfect powderball” or P.Ball, the new ball ammo was developed by APS Paintball Ltd. originally for the Real Action Marker system in order to enhance further the performance of the replica guns for Mil/Le training and Real Action Games that use the 0.43 caliber balls. But like all its products, the P. Ball has exceeded all expectations and its well on its way to achieve the reality of a truly perfect game projectile for both caliber categories.



Achieving the perfect ball

P. Ball achieves its revolutionary characteristics mainly from its design, which literally breaks the mold, by departing from paint-based components and embracing powder as its base material. The frangible shell is almost ceramic in consistency, hard enough to completely hold a tightly packed amount of marking powder but still breaks consistently upon impact.


In traditional paintball, the characteristic of paint does not allow the ball to be completely filled. The paintball, more often than not, has a minute air bubble sealed in during the making of the ball, which would then allow the contents to move around thereby giving it a wobbly flight path. This affects the projectile’s flight characteristics and ballistics. This problem was easily solved by the P. Ball, whose densely packed contents do not shift in flight and provides greater stability for the projectile.


Many paintball players have complained incessantly that their projectiles immediately start deteriorate when the product package is opened. Other players and even dealers have a hard time with the unique storage procedures required by paintball, which requires them to flip the packed paintballs every few days in order to prevent the paint from settling.


This concern was solved by the P. Ball’s solid, ceramic-like waterproofed shell, which gives the projectile incredible resistance to moisture and humidity. A P. Ball soaked in a glass of water side by side with a regular paintball overnight will retain its original shape, size and rigidity while the paintball will already be a bloated mess. The shell and the powder contents of the P. Ball also negate the need for special storage procedures since the powder does not shift or settle in one place. This also means that the P. Ball has a regular shelf life than other traditional paintball brands.


In other words, the P. Ball has achieved what traditional paintball has failed to offer throughout the years, a game projectile that has little or no limitations in application, but still retaining the advantages of a marking ball – the perfect new ammo for a whole new world of extreme gaming.



Defining the future

So aside from its unique manufactured characteristics, what does the P. Ball offer for the future of Real Action Gaming, Mil/LE scenario training or traditional paintball players?


Like traditional paintball, the P. Ball is still a marking projectile. This means that its powder contents will stick to the impact point of whatever it hits. But unlike the old paintball, one does not need to inspect closely anymore to confirm hits because the P. Ball also generates a powdery impact mist that is highly visible from a great distance. This means that game marshals and instructors need not be near the players to call hits, because the impact mist will be an added visual cue for game officials and spectators alike. It is an advantage that will definitely add a new dimension to the game and training scenarios – because every hit is now more visual than any other game in the past.


For training scenarios, the disadvantage of using paintball guns loaded with regular paintballs during rains or a situation necessitating simulated waterborne assault is also solved. The P. Ball, together with the Real Action Marker, will now allow Mil/LE trainees to shoot coming from the water, even after their weapons have been submerged. The P. Ball will still burst upon impact, generate its impact mist and mark hits consistently.



A ball of perfection

The solid and rigid structure of the P. Ball also allows even greater leeway for gun modifications than ever before. Paintballs often break in the barrel after a certain pressure threshold is surpassed. However, with the new P. Ball, resistance to ball breakage is higher – so one can literally set the pressure at a much higher level.


And the result of this modification is highly improved accuracy and longer, straighter flight characteristics than that ever achieved by regular paintballs. With the help of a trained armorer, players can now set their guns according to the role that they play – high performance assault or long range sniper – with the P. Ball performing consistently every time.


The weight of the P. Ball and its rigidity also allows it to perform beyond the traditional game environment. The added weight allows the P. Ball to achieve a more solid ballistic performance, while its rigid shape gives it the ability to penetrate foliage – for those who like to play in the jungle setting.


And, of course, after every game, P. Ball is easier to clean. Unlike paint, the powder can be removed without washing. One needs only to give the clothing, body armor or vest a few strong whacks to shake off the marking powder. For structures, barriers and even vehicles, the powder can be swept off with a brush or broom, giving the next scenario game a fresh, unmarked venue.


And, of course, the most perfect aspect of the P. Ball is its price – it costs almost if not less than your average paintball brand. So that means more high-impact, high-adrenalin games at almost the same price.


For RAM users, the P. Ball comes in the 0.43 caliber balls that fit in the aluminum or plastic shell casings. P. Ball has been documented to outperform regular paintballs in every type of environment and venue, indoors or outdoors.


At the moment, P. Ball is available only at APS Paintball Ltd. and its authorized dealers. But soon it will be accessible to players and Mil/LE users around the world. For more information, visit or contact the APS website.

Myth or Reality
APS’s Dream
To achieve the perfect “Paintball”, APS turned a dream into reality.
APS has spent six years to conduct a high standard of research and
development to realize their dream of the perfect “Paintball”. APS is finally
succeeded with the development of the “P.Ball ®”, a new perfect Paintball is
now available in the market. We are using a totally new technique with a
special formula during production. The P.Ball ® is already breaking the
boundaries with relations to being Water Resistance, performing in extreme
Temperature and Humidity without any deformity in the shell structure of the
paintball. “P.Ball ®” is available in Powder fills.
For the Powder, people will get feeling in novelty and excitement. When the
ball hits the target, it will become able to see by slight white mist. On the
other hand, marks caused by powder are easier to wipe off than paint.
Actually, balls are preferable in the indoor range to save the cleaning fee.

P.Ball ® is your perfect choice.

Why P.Ball ® ?
What is the perfect definition of a “Paintball”?
1. 100% perfect roundness in shape without any deformity providing
Accuracy, Straightness of shot and long range when fired.
2. Maintaining no change in quality or barrel breakage under extreme
conditions e.g. exposed under the sun or even in high humidity.
3. No storage problems due to extreme temperature conditions.
4. Water-resistance even in rain conditions.
5. Anti freeze even in extreme cold conditions for powder version.