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MPS DA Triple Ammo Pouch

MPS Small Map Pouch

DA Utility Drop Pouch

MPS 100R Pouch

MPS Multi/Gas Mask Pack

MPS Single Ammo Pouch

MPS DA Single Ammo Pouch (M14/G3)

MPS DA Triple Ammo Pouch

MPS Medical Pouch

MPS Lager Medical Pouch

DA Double M4 Mag Holder

MPS Soc Butt-Pack

SMG Multi Position Holster

MPS 6mm Holster

Neoprene Mask Full (Mask-03)

Neoprene Mask Half (Mask-04)

SF Shemagh

Refleman Sapi Vest
Package Include: PH-9541 x 3
DM-5108 x 2/Soft Plate x 2
PH-7705 x 1, PH-7750 x 1
PH-7752 x 1, PH-7754 x 1

Command Chest Vest

Shot Gun Sling

Aeg Lmg Sling

Neoprene Knee Pads

Dummy MK13 MOD 0 (pair)